Simplicity is Continuity.

Specialized only to the functions that you really need.
Simple and fun way to keep track of your weight.

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Simplest Way for Daily Recording

Record your weight within 10 seconds.
Experience the smoothest input with the simple workflow.

Clear graph. Target oriented.

Visualize your weight record in a smooth graph to see your progress. Seeing your progress is fun!

Scroll and zoom in/out to explore your data freely,
no matter how many years of record you have. No limitation.

See your average graph for a week/month/quarter.※iOS version only

The more you record, the more fun it becomes.

Make notes about your diet and/or exercise.

Make notes about what you ate and/or how much exercise you've done.
Notes are displayed above the graph, and the diet/exercise amounts are shown in bar graph.

Share your progress on Twitter/Facebook with your friends.

If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can post your daily progress to have your friends watch for it. It's a good way to keep yourself motivated!

You do not need to reveil your actual body weight; just post the difference between the previous measurement, or the remainder to your target weight.

Protect your privacy.

You can protect your weight records with a pass code. If you enable the pass code, the app asks for it every time you open.

Data import/export

Import/export your data from/to Google Docs.
Backup your data in case anything goes wrong, or migrate your date to your new iOS device.

You can input your past data easily on the Google Docs spreadsheet, or download the data as a CSV file on your PC for farther analysis.

Select your favorite design theme.

You can change the design theme according to your mood or taste. Find your favorite theme.※iOS version only